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What is great about diving in Mauritius is the proximity to shore. With 330 kilometers of coastline encircled by a coral barrier reef that protects the turquoise lagoons, Mauritius offers exclusive diving experiences to its visitors all year round. Both beginners and certified divers can be sure to have safe enjoyable dives in these perfect conditions. With greater water circulation, the lagoons stretch up to the barrier reef, its passes, drop-offs and wrecks, the underwater life is of great abundance of fish and colorful reefs provide magnificent home to many sponges, sea anemones and a variety of multi-colored fish such as the Damselfis, Trumpet, Boxfish not forgetting the playful clown, as well as Mauritian scorpion with its unique orange colour. These wonderful colourful creatures and decorative vegetation provide a magnificent show for Divers. The sea temperature ranges from 23° in winter to 28° in summer.

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